Here are a list of our recordings, which you can access through our Bandcamp site where you can listen to the songs, read the lyrics and purchase ditigal copies and order CDs.






"Satellites moving over our heads...
Satellites measure the rising seas...
Satellites watching every moving thing..."

Our latest recording, launched March 2017. recorded at Fruitbat Studios by Rob Stewart.

A remixed version is available on Spotify here


The Quiet of the Winter Moon

Quiet Cover200

A chance meeting through a workplace choir with Koji Matsunobu and Khin Yee Lo ... eventually we decided to do a performance together and then a few more... finally resulting in a recording of this collection of seven songs, released in July 2013.

I Never Sing

I Never SingCover200

We launched this song on the internet on 5th December 2006. You can read more about the song here and on our Bandcamp site you can read the lyrics and the story behind the song, and watch a short video about the writing of the song.

Distant Love (No Telephone)

Distant Love (No Telephone)

This EP was launched on 14 December 2004 at the Brisbane Powerhouse and features four songs linked by themes of separation and restlessness. Recorded during 2004 by Simon Monsour at L-Space. With Peter Baker (keyboards), Michal Postula (violin), Ross Gwyther (sax), James Harper (percussion) and Oscar Orellana (percussion)

The final track, 'Omar's Adventure', was listed in the Top Ten of the 2005 Australian Songwriters Association's contest (Open category).

View from a Wooden Chair


Recorded by Paul Draper and Geoff McGahan at Musicware in 1996. With Bernardo Alvarez (percussion), Ross Gwyther (sax and clarinet), Mark Dunbar (flutes) and Ovidio Orellana (backing vocals).